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videotutorial 1: Anime materials(like skin)

Hi. This is Vicente Carro. And this one will be the first tutorial of
the series: Anime in Blender. This time we are going to work on materials
(the skin). I’ve taken the model from MAIKA from Blendswap. I’ve changed it a bit. And we are going to start changing the viewport
shading to texture and the shading mode to GLSL. Now we can create a default material and change
the intensity to 1 and pure white. Ok. I can change the name to “Skin”. And we are going to apply the same material
in the sphere and the cube. Now we have to go to Nodes, Materials nodes,
and activate “Use nodes”. The material node have to use the same material:
Skin. Ok. Same result. And now we are going to add the very simplest
part of making a Skin material in Anime, that’s Color ramp. In the most simple case we only need 2 colors. I’m taking this as an example. Ok. Sorry. Ok. This is working but it’s a really limited
material. In Anime we usually don’t have real shadows
so this will be just a part of the layout of the material. Now we need we can duplicate this one, and now we are going to tweak the shading
with the normal. Ok. We are going to ignore the previous part
of the material. This was before and now. We can change here the normal to get different
results. Ok. Changing the place of the color can help
us to get some results. Usually we could be interested in mix[ing]
both results, but if we are making this, we are having this
problem: double shadows. Shadows over shadows. It’s not what we want so we have to fix this. The simplest method would be to put always
the color ramp at the end. So we are going to multiply the material with
the normal. And the result goes to the color ramp. Now the light is really applying but we also
have control over the normal. We can tweak the place of the color in the
ramp to have different results. We could add one more normal because if we
are multiplying somehow we are changing the shadow of the material not the light. So we could do this to have also control. Wops! Sorry. To have also control of the light. The order of these two mix nodes is important. You could change them in some situations. Different results. Ok. Well, if we need, for example, to tweak
just a little bit the light. This would be the shadow. This would be the light. We could add a new color ramp. And tweak here the colors. This color ramp and any other that could use
in the middle has to be black and white, just color here… Unless you are using textures. Ok. This would be the simplest layout for
the skin material and I think that will be everything for this tutorial
but in the next one I’m going to expand this a little bit giving
more control for more situations. And well, that’s all. Thanks for watching and I hope this could
have been useful for you. Bye

21 thoughts on “videotutorial 1: Anime materials(like skin)

  1. Nice! I was already using the colour ramp like that, but that trick with the normal was cool. Definitely gonna try this out. Thanks, hope to see more tutorials from you ^.^

  2. More tutorials on this subject in blender would be awesome. Thanks for making this video. Wish there were more. 

  3. Hey! This tutorial is great! I've followed it and my character doesn't look too shabby… But how do I add textures to the skin once I've edited the material with nodes? 

    Please reply here or answer my thread in blenderartists forum:

  4. I would rather have a pre-shaded texture that can be controlled by dynamic lighting. Shading in anime is so very intentional that if something is off with the shadows by even the smallest margin, the whole 2D effect wont even appear convincing.

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