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Waterborne diseases and prevention – Bacteria

Bacteria, as we all know, is one of the most prominent causes of stomachache and just name many, many diseases. We have bacteria that are very important in our system,
we have pathogenic bacteria, we have the E. coli, they are pathogenic and
they are coming from contaminated water. Well, what are the symptoms? As we see here, they can cause mostly diarrhoea,
can cause that in immunocompromised individuals. Immunocompromised individuals are people
who are under low immunity. For example, people who are suffering from HIV and etc. So if they acquire these kind of illnesses,
they can cause death. Then we have another type of bacteria:
Shigella and Salmonella. Also acquired from contaminated water. And what are the symptoms? Frequent passage of faeces with blood and vomiting. Then we have all that, among these,
we have all these acquired from swimming in water. Ear canal swells, causing pain and
tenderness to the touch. Sometimes you go swimming and you see
maybe you are infected somewhere, you’re thinking that maybe a mosquito or something hard bit you, but you do not know that maybe it’s a bacterial infection.

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