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Watermelon Pull-Apart Cake!? We Test The Viral Recipe #DoesThisWork

Welcome to “Does this Work!?” I’m Jeanette from Rachael’s culinary team and I’m here to help you test out all those trendy recipes you see on the internet to find out if they really work. Okay Youtubers, today we are testing a recipe out that I am particularly excited about. We are making a pull-apart cake that is shaped like a watermelon. (upbeat music) So if you’ve watched the show before, you may have caught some of my segments making all kinds of really cool watermelon creations and lots of great recipes with Rachael. Around the office I might be affectionately know as “The Watermelon Queen,” potentially “The Watermelon Diva” from time to time. Oh yay! (laughs) Okay, stop laughing at me! (laughs) Yeah, we’re ready to talk about watermelons. So I believe this story starts about six years ago. I was on the internet looking for a centerpiece for a shark week party that I was throwing, and I saw this fantastic sculpture made out of a watermelon. And I was like, I’m gonna make that, and I’m gonna make it better. I made the shark watermelon sculpture, I posted a picture to Facebook, and my wonderful boss Emily saw it, and she was like “You can’t have skills “like that that I don’t know about.” And it turned out to be my very first appearance on the Rachael Ray Show. I’ve been on the show at least seven or eight more times carving watermelons, making recipes out of watermelons. I’ve made a watermelon cat, I made a watermelon owl, which was probably one of Rachael’s favorites. I’ve made a watermelon basket, a watermelon grill, I made a watermelon T-Rex, I made a watermelon hedgehog, there’s so many things you can make out of a watermelon. Baking and decorating is definitely not my forte, but who says that I can’t make a beautiful watermelon dessert? I guess we’ll see. So this recipe starts with 19 of your favorite cupcakes. Now my favorite cupcakes happen to be funfetti. What cupcakes would you make this recipe with? Make sure you comment and let me know. So I’ve got 24 cupcakes, which is what one box of funfetti cake mix makes. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. 19. Did I do weird math? Nope. It takes absolutely no baking ability to put them in cute watermelon-colored wrappers. Okay, so I’ve got this beautiful cutting board here. You need 19 cupcakes, you need to stack them until it comes to a point so that it looks like a slice of watermelon. It said to fan the back row so that it is circular like the rind of the watermelon. One, two, three. I’m missing a row. Six, five, four, three, one. There not two? Arrange cupcakes in a triangle shape, one at the top and six at the bottom. So wouldn’t you assume that there should be a layer of two? This has me doubting my counting skills. One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, one. It calls for 19 cupcakes, so I’m gonna roll with this. This show should be called “Jeanette Does Math.” It is time to attack our beautiful, lovely, fluffy bowl of buttercream. We’re gonna color it. Guys, I have a confession. I’ve probably frosted three cakes in my life, I’m not a dessert-maker. I Googled, “What’s the easiest buttercream to make?” and here it is. I’m feeling pretty good about it. People in the room who are pretty familiar with buttercream are like “Sure, that’s “a nice buttercream,” and I say, “Thank you. It’s my first time.” This first step of the process of frosting this cake is to put 3/4 of a cup of white frosting into a pastry bag, and that’s gonna be the little rind portion. Make fun little finger cymbals. And now, I have seen this tip on our show before, you take a quart container, and you put it down, cuz you might not have a friend around to hold it, and you fill it. I don’t wanna deflate my frosting, but I also want it to be accurate. This is one of my other favorite parts about baking, the measuring. This is the thing when I’m baking, I find one measuring tool and I’m like, “How can I make that a divisible of a quarter “so that I don’t have to wash all of those?” That should be 3/4 of a cup in that piping bag. Alright, next step. I need to make one and a half cups of green frosting. Alright, so this is one and a half. This will probably be the last time you see my hands not the color of a watermelon. I ordered green on the internet, electric green came. It doesn’t say how many drops of food coloring to use, so we’re going to use our discretion. It’s definitely electric green. I want more. Whoops, that was a lot. I think I’m frosting six cupcakes with a quarter of a cup of frosting each. Yeah, this is like zero room for error. Cuz it’s six times a 1/4 cup is a cup and a half. I don’t think I realized when I started making this Youtube show that this was gonna be just so much math. You guys, what do we think? Is this the green of the rind of a watermelon? Darker. Now I’m pretty sure I’ve used about half the bottle. I don’t know if it’s getting darker or if it’s just getting more electric. I’m gonna dig in our pantry and see what kind of food coloring we might have. Alright, let’s see what’s in here. (record scratch)
(cat meows) Alright, here’s green, see if this makes it any darker. There’s so much dye in this that I actually don’t even really feel that much more comfortable putting more dye in here. (laughs) Maybe one more squirt. I’m gonna say we’re there. Now three cups, it said to use deep pink with a few drops of red. Three cups, deep pink, red. Alright, I see you frosting. Now that green’s looking so neon to me. I’m gonna make a deep green with that coloring that I found in the cabinet. Now I know how heavy-handed you need to be with the dye. Yeah, look at that, guys. That is the color of a watermelon rind, says the Watermelon Diva herself. Okay, so that is a nicely mixed up bowl of a more appropriate color green. Now the recipe calls for about a quarter of a cup of frosting to go on each cupcake, and I know they need to be pretty accurate, because I think the recipe only called for very specific amounts to go on all the cupcakes. So I’m gonna use this ice cream scoop and I wanna make sure that it’s about a quarter of a cup, so I’ve got a quarter of a cup of water in here, I’m gonna see if that is– Interesting. So this is an eighth of a cup. Give me all the scoops. Okay, and since we work in this wonderful prep kitchen where we have all the scoops, let’s see which one of these is a quarter of a cup. What if I only had scoops for hands? (laughs) This is a traditional ice cream scoop, wow, okay. So that’s just below the little (clicking noise) thing. That is going to be so much frosting on each of these cupcakes, but I guess you really need a quantity if we’re gonna frost over this whole thing so that it looks like a big watermelon. Going in, feel good about that amount. Audible gasps in the room, that is a lot of frosting. I feel like that’s already half of it. A quarter times six is one and a half, right? How then am I almost out of frosting? So I have no idea how this is happening right now, the math does not really equal out, maybe this scoop holds more than a quarter cup, but I swear when I measured it, it did. I’m gonna stick this on this one so that I’ve got some room to frost the rest. You guys saw me make a cup and half of frosting? Now it’s time to frost, so I’m connecting them cuz then that would be the nature of a pull-apart cake. So much frosting. I’m gonna stop futzing with it, maybe I’ll just give it one more, I just want it to be nice and smooth. So I’m gonna use the smaller scoop, and go for it. Okay. I’m a little grossed out by how much frosting is going on every cupcake. I really hope my dentist is not watching this. That’s the most I’m gonna do. We’re getting tie-dyed. Okay, so now here comes the fun part. We are going to smooth out the pink frosting. So, (stammers) I’m speechless. (laughs) Okay now here’s our potential disaster area that we were seeing before. There’s a huge gap between cupcakes three and then the layer of one. And I feel like all the frosting is gonna fall down there, as it is. So I’m starting to see the shape of a watermelon slice, so I mean I’m happy with the color. Go ahead and smooth it so it looks smooth. This is actually kinda satisfying. When do you stop? I feel like I could kinda keep going for days here. I don’t know when to stop, this is at some point like, “Jeanette, stop playing with your food.” Alright, so now let’s start piping the white frosting. We’ve had Buddy Valastro on this show hundreds of times. We’ve gotta show him this video, he’s gonna crack up watching me do this. Curving, we’re going up, whoo! I don’t think that’s that bad. Getting a little pink. I’m gonna pipe one more time and make it a thicker line so that when I’m smoothing it out its not gonna agitate the colors around it so much. I think I’m on the right track here. Yeah, it looks like a watermelon slice. We’ve got black jelly beans, which have been quite the controversial ingredient. I actually love a black jelly bean. Everybody has their opinions about these black jelly beans, they’re so good, I love black jelly beans. Shut up, I love you. Oh, is there a black tongue? I’m just kinda gonna decorate where I feel like there needs to be seeds. Ooh, there’s pink on me. We knew that was gonna happen. Throw them on. We do one more? And now I’ve got the rest of these to take to my desk and eat. I think I’m done. And I think I’m not that displeased with this. It looks like a homemade cake. I believe it is time to bring in our very, very special guest judge today to help me rain down judgment. (thunder crackles) Okay all my fellow dessert-lovers, this is my friend Grant Melton. Hello everyone. Can I offer you a black jelly bean? Oh wow, thank you so much! This is what I do for all of my guests on the show, first we have a nice black jelly bean. Eww, licorice. (upbeat music) Oh, you like black jelly beans. I’m just kidding, I do like them. Come on, you’re like one of the five people in the room that likes black jelly beans. You know that I don’t do this at all. Yes, and this is your first pull-apart cake. What do you think? It looks like a slice of watermelon. It’s very colorful. It looks like a lot of frosting, but then at the same time I can’t really tell cuz I can’t see the cupcakes. So I don’t know if it’s too much frosting. Wanna flip it around so you can see the sides? Yep, the sides are interesting. They’re interesting. It’s definitely a piece of art that you should look at from the top. (Jeanette laughs) Uh, where’s the other one? The other one’s right here. I don’t think they look that different really. Actually now that I’m seeing it and looking at it– Yeah, they kinda look the same. Maybe it doesn’t look that– I mean maybe it’s a little brighter? I did think that when you were making them that both of them looked almost too bright and too much, but now that they’re together they look good.
It looks good. I notice that you did a nice line of some seeds. Uh-huh. And then we didn’t do that anymore. No.
We scattered them. In my head, I heard our boss Emily’s voice saying, “Stop being so precious.” Oh, did you hear that in your head or did you hear that, because she said that. Did she say it? (laughs) So do we pull it apart now? Let’s see. Alright, ready? One, two three. I can’t find the bottom of it. (Jeanette laughs) There it is. That’s actually a pretty clean cut. Now it kinda looks cute, it looks like someone took a bite out of it. Oh it does, it looks like someone was eating it. Actually I just took this one here, that looks adorable cuz someone was like “little bite.” That’s cute.
Let’s try it. Cheers! This is fun.
This is fun. Now they’re all watermelon-y colors. That’s good! It’s fun.
That’s really good! Your teeth are already pink. Your frosting is good. It tastes like a frosted cupcake, and the frosting is very light and airy. And it’s not too much frosting like I initially thought. I agree. It looks like so much when you first look at it, but it’s not bad. If I ever bring this to a party, look at what our hands look like right now. I have a question for you.
Yeah. If you were gonna bring this to a party, now that you have it on your tray how are you going to get it there? I think I’m sticking it on my husband’s lap and he’s just not moving in the passenger seat. Jimmy, say a prayer, because
(Jeanette laughs) if you mess this up, it’s over. But you can’t put plastic wrap on it. You’ve got a little frosting on your face. Will you get it for me?
Yep. There you go. Thank you so much. Where don’t I have frosting? I know, we’ve got frosting everywhere. So anyway, maybe these are geared more towards kids parties and maybe kids don’t care if they’re covered in frosting. Maybe this isn’t my dessert choice for an elegant cocktail party. (laughs) Yeah, definitely not. One, two, three. This is fun, it’s kinda like having nachos. Oh my God.
But with cupcakes. Alright, look at this. Oh wow, that’s a little frosting flap. Frosting flap. So now if I’m the person who has to reach in and get that one, I have to do this. And I’ve kinda touched every cupcake around it. Oh yeah, see I’m going into a dangerous place here because I can’t feel any cake. It feels weird!
It feels so weird! Ooh, look at that one. But look at how much frosting is on your hand! Is mine green? What is mine?
Pink. What do we think? Did it work? I personally think that yes, it does work. I think it did.
Yeah. (upbeat music) Alright, so I think that’s enough from this prep kitchen today. Thank you very much for being on the show. Oh, thank you. Thank you for this cupcake. And for being your wonderful judgy self. And now your pink tongue is gonna turn green now. We’ve got a big mess to clean up so we’ll see you guys in a little bit You’ve got a big mess to clean up. Oh, you’re not gonna stay and help? I’m going home. (Jeanette laughs) I’m gonna get a stomachache. If you guys make this recipe, make sure you post photos using the hashtag #jeanettedoesthiswork and make sure you subscribe to the Rachael Ray Show Youtube channels so you don’t miss a minute of all the messes I’m making.

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