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Winter skin care (My over 50 skincare)

Hey it’s wintertime! Time to shush up my
skincare routine I want to tell you about it in this video Hi my name’s Christine L Conroy welcome to
Happy stuff and fluff a channel for women over 50 who are getting happy and
growing younger and of course getting happy and growing younger includes
includes doing things that make us feel we look the best we possibly can giving
us the confidence then to go off into life and do whatever it is whatever else
it is we want to do and Skincare’s a part of that which is why we’re talking
about it. It must be well it’s been a long time since I talked about my
skincare routine and that’s because when I find you know a routine that’s working
for me and then I don’t change things and so and you do need to give things that
you do change time to work so you know I haven’t really had much to tell you so I
have changed one or two things and obviously coming up wintertime
especially in this country in the UK and I’m in the north of England so it gets
very cold and we’re increasingly getting more wet and windy weather and of course
all of that plays havoc with your skin and if your skin’s already dry then you
know you may need to change one or two things and give it give your skin more
than you would normally give to it so that’s kind of what I’m doing. I just
wanted to tell you something actually. You’ll know unless this is your first visit
here in which case I’ll leave a link but I talked about the fact that Mr.
Kitchen and I went away for a week to a Greek island recently and of course well not
of course but I came back with a tan. Now… which I wouldn’t normally do. However
what we did or what I decided to do I think I talked about in the video where
we were talking about living longer I talked about the fact that in this country we are
shot of vitamin D if you’re short of vitamin D it can give you muscle aches
it can give you joint pain it can make you irritable it can make you tired all
kinds of horrible things and so most of us well those of us in this country take
vitamin D as a supplement at least we perhaps
we should be doing. So when we went on holiday I tried a little
experiment I tried it I’m not suggesting you try it, I know there’ll be people out
there no doubt in the skincare world that would take a sharp intake of breath
at this. Anyway this is what we did so we’re on a Greek island it was very warm
it was September so it wasn’t as hot you know as it could have been but it was
very warm. For the first five minutes every day we used no sun protection at
all. None at all because you know the Sun does have health benefits and I was
wanting to see if we could benefit from some of those good things whilst
avoiding the damage and so we worked up to about 10 minutes on the
next-to-the-last day and the last day where we didn’t use Sun cream at all for
the first 10 minutes in the Sun and then we used what we would normally use which
is factor 50 on my face for sure so that’s that’s as far as Sun creams concerned
that’s what we did on the holiday now back home here in winter although I’ve
just said we don’t get lots of Sun and again I know other people don’t do this
I do use a Sun cream even through the winter time because you know it might
be a cloudy day the Sun does still get through we do get those lovely cold
sunny winter days sometimes and so I do like to wear a factor of you know not 50
not a factor 50 I’ll bring it down to probably about 20 often that’s included
in moisturizer it’s included in foundation which is fine but I do like
to include a little bit of Sun cream in the winter time. Okay so that’s sun
cream that’s that said. Right I still use the same cleanser so let’s get into this I’m
still using this Cerave cleanser and I use the one for dry skin if you’ve never
tried it it doesn’t lather so if you like that kind of lather thing then you
wouldn’t like this but you know it’s that very lathering that you get in a
bar soap for example that causes the harshness and that’s too harsh for your
skin and so yeah I got used to the fact that you don’t get
that lather Cerave do do a cleanser for people with oily skin and I believe
that’s a foaming cleanser but still very gentle so if you have oily skin then
that would be the one to choose. so I do use that and I use that morning and
night now what has changed from eight months ago is then I would have gone on
to my vitamin C straight away from Timeless well I’m skipping that for the
moment and as soon as I’ve cleansed what comes
next is lactic acid I’m still using lactic acid and I’ve grown to love it it’s
one of my I’m keeping it things lactic acid. Now it exfoliates it
speeds up cell renewal which obviously we need when we’re getting older but
it’s firming and I can feel that it’s firming. It works I really enjoy using
this. This is 10% you can also get 5% as I’ve said before if you’ve never used it
start at 5% and work up to the 10% but it’s also said to stimulate collagen and
help with fine lines and wrinkles so what’s not to like.
So that’s my first step after cleansing Then another favorite ingredient I know
it’s been so trendy and so hyped that it’s now possibly become
not trendy anymore but I love hyaluronic acid I feel that it plumps it plumps you
can feel that it plumps it’s a humectant so it attracts water
and it keeps water in your skin it’s naturally occurring in the body in the
skin by the way and this is what they use for the injectable fillers they use
hyaluronic acid to plump up your skin so I really like that and it also helps to
heal I can vouch for that too because Mr. Kitchen has, suffers from
like dry spots here and then irritation here from glasses I guess and he uses
hyaluronic acid here and here and within days it’s cleared up so it’s good for
healing. So that’s my second step the hyaluronic
acid and now comes the vitamin C because I stopped using the Timeless because I
lost half the bottle to oxidization and that’s happened to me more than once and
I was annoyed by it even though I decanted half of it when I first got it and I
kept it in the fridge I still managed to somehow to lose half a bottle of it
through oxidization. In case you don’t know about vitamin C it does tend to
oxidize when it hits the air and then it’s not good for you so I didn’t buy it
again. I didn’t replace that and instead I went back to using back to the
Ordinary the vitamin C suspension 23% now I say back to because when I first
used this put it all over my face I think I talked about it in one of the
very first videos I did and I was like oh it was so.. irritated my skin so much,
tightness and my collarbone was sore for days to touch. So if you’ve never
used this before be very careful with it try it a little bit just to see how you
get on with it but I’m now starting to use this as a Vitamin C I will be
going back to the Timeless, I’ll tell you about that in a second so I’ve been
using this now it’s coming third in my routine because it’s slightly a heavier
consistency than, you can see that it’s more of a cream consistency than the
serums and you know they meant to go from the lighter consistency through to
the heavy heavier consistency of your routine so this comes along third this
is vitamin C it’s probably one of the most studied antioxidants it protects
against cell damage all antioxidants do it calms inflammation oddly enough and
it stimulates collagen and it’s brightening too so if you’ve got any
sunspots or sun damage then vitamin C is good for that and this is one of the
highest concentrates at 23% of it. Okay so that’s one change and then I’ve added
guess what? Drumroll. Resveratrol. Yes so I’m taking resveratrol as a
supplement and I’m also applying it topically. Now this is also said to be
anti-inflammatory it boosts collagen and elastin now people will tell you it’s an
antioxidant but if you listen to David Sinclair it isn’t much of
an antioxidant. That’s not how it works in your body and it isn’t meant to be a
very powerful antioxidant for your skin. However I mix these two together and
this is my fourth step I mix them together so I’ll put a pea-sized amount
of this into my hands two or three drops of the resveratrol which is quite oily
mix it into that and then it goes on my face oh it’s lovely it’s lovely and this
is lovely to use on its own, I’ve used it on its own especially in winter
because it heats up when it hits your skin which is lovely it soon goes away
but it heats up it’s really nice to use but mixed together that’s one step and
then I put it on my face and then I’ll leave that for as long as I can so then
I might go off and you know do some other things do whatever I’m doing with
my body or my hair or get my gear ready or whatever I’m doing and then I’ll come
back to do my final step at the moment, which is again a favorite the Co-enzyme
q10 which you know, you’ve done all of your exfoliation here your cell renewal
building and cell renewal and so on. This now again a natural ingredient found in
the body but that diminishes as we get older, this builds now and this helps to
build collagen it helps with skin texture it helps with wrinkles and lines
and you know I was going to come on and be completely naked, from here of course
but then I thought well I haven’t done that before so you wouldn’t see any
difference anyway but the texture of my skin since I’ve been using all of these
things is so much firmer and softer I can feel it. Obviously it takes time
which is why I say you know coming on and changing things up all the time
isn’t going to help, you have to give these ingredients time
to work and I really think it’s starting to happen with me. Now the other thing
I’m not doing now you’ll have noticed I’m not using the Pro retinol eye cream which I
was using before and that’s because as part of my night time routine when I used
the Tretinoin I used to take the Tretinoin to here, up
here and over my eyebrows. Now I’m taking the Tretinoin all the way up here. So all
this area where I would normally use the retinol eye cream I’m using Tretinoin.
Again, I wouldn’t advise you do this unless you’ve been using Tretinoin for a
while and you’re used to it. You know, I’m using 1% Tretinoin now every
day every night rather so I take the Tretinoin up to there so I’m not using
the eye cream that’s why it’s missing from here. So that’s what I’m doing. I’ve
got the CeraVe cleanser then the lactic acid then the hyaluronic acid then the
vitamin C and the resveratrol together and then the coenzyme q10 now when it
starts to get a little bit colder I’m going to start using a moisturizer at
the moment I don’t need one. The moisturizing effect of the hyaluronic
acid and lactic acid is enough for my skin which is saying something given
that you know I would usually say I suffer from dry skin. So I will use a
moisturizer haven’t decided one, on one yet I will do some research on that and
let you know. What I have done what I was using that I wanted to tell you about
and recommend even though I’m not using it is this which is a glycolic acid
treatment from Good genes by Sunday Riley now who did I
hear this from it was another YouTuber big youtuber in the UK and she raved
about it so I went had a look and I bought it now it cost me 85 pounds and
you’re meant to use it morning and night I just couldn’t fit it into my morning
routine so I was only using it at night and I loved using it but I thought you
know I was thinking I can’t afford to spend 85 pounds on something and then
not use it how they recommend you use it because obviously
get the best out of it if you do what they tell you to do. So at some point
when I do change everything up I’ll come back to this and if you want to
introduce glycolic acid into your routine and eighty-five pounds it’s not
too much for you then I would say go for this. I got this from Cult beauty I’ll
leave a link down below and what you know what it doesn’t do isn’t worth
having and they even call it a fairy tale ingredient and so on, so it’s worth
having a look at. That’s that now then back to the Timeless I will be going
back to the Timeless vitamin C because I do love it and also they have an offer
on at the moment where if you buy two products I think it might be a figure
you have to reach but two products does it I do believe you can choose a third
product free of charge and they give you a list of, a choice and in that choice
is hyaluronic acid and I love their hyaluronic acid probably better than the
Ordinary. So once I’ve finished this and this
Resveratrol then I’ll go back to using the Timeless vitamin C and still keep
this in my routine but use it obviously without the Ordinary Vitamin C. Is that
as clear as mud? okay that’s good. So um my original my original routine is on
the website I have a Favorites page on my website where all of these lovely
things that I find, that I like to read or use or play with or whatever I put on
the website and my morning skincare routine is on there with all the links.
Down below here I’ll put down the additions to, the links to where you can
get the Resveratrol I when I was searching I wanted to include
Resveratrol in my skincare routine I couldn’t find anything and then I landed
on Mrs. Ginger’s site have talked about Mrs. ginger before and she mentioned the
Ordinary Resveratrol and liked it. So if it’s good enough for her, it’s good
enough for me and I couldn’t find it anywhere else in this format so
if you can and you think it might be better than this one then please let me
know. Other than that that’s my, I’m just
looking to see if there’s anything else I wanted to tell you about, that’s my new
routine for the winter as soon as I’ve decided on a moisturizer I’ll let you
know about that but yeah I’m really happy with the way things are going in
terms of my skin and its texture so I want to keep it that way cuz obviously
if we’re going to be living to 120…Hey if we live to 120 that makes me
middle-aged doesn’t it and somebody actually said to me that my over 50 skin
care should now be over 60 skin care given that I’m 61 but I’m also still
over 50 so let’s stick at over 50 skin care and keep it at that. Yeah so I’m
calling myself a middle aged woman and I want to look like this when I’m 120!
So hopefully all of these things are going to help me and they’re going to
help you. Let me know if you do anything different and that you can tell me about
that would be great I’m always on the lookout okay
until then, I’ll tell you something else you could do – tell me what you would like
me to cover that you’d be really excited for me to cover and I’ll do that too – okay
I’m going now and I’ll see you next time until then remember that on the Happy
stuff and fluff we are getting happy and growing younger see soon

3 thoughts on “Winter skin care (My over 50 skincare)

  1. You're absolutely glowing lately, Christine! A combination of good skincare and a glow from within is always a winner!

  2. We take vitamin D 3 supplement. My family had blood test for it and five out of the six of us had very low vitamin D.

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