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Women Try Pain-Free Waxing

– I’m so scared. Oh my god. (squeals) (upbeat music) – Today I’m gonna be
trying hard wax beans. – Hard wax beans, is a
waxing method that’s supposed to be painless but I doubt that very much. – They are little beans,
beads, that you melt and wax your body hair with. It looks like something
that you would find like maybe in the bottom of a fish tank. – I have never gotten a
wax in my entire life. – I’ve dealt with waxing
pretty much my whole life because I am a very hairy person. – You cannot convince me
that putting hot liquid plastic on your skin and
ripping it off doesn’t hurt, I’m sorry, I’m just not buying it. – I think anytime you’re
ripping hair out of it’s little hole in your leg,
it’s gonna not feel good. – I tried waxing my legs
once and it didn’t even work because my hair is so thick that it just like wouldn’t come out and
so I’m really curious to see how this goes. (laughs) – I am terrified, I am like shook. – Let’s just do it,
let’s not think about it. – I’m so nervous. – It smells like chemicals and like if you accidentally
microwaved your barbie or something. – I’m scared as all get out. – Let’s just go for it. Okay that’s kind of nice, warm. Comforting. – It’s happening, there’s no turning back. – So I gotta wait for this to cool. So I’m just chilling. – So you’re supposed to rip
it from the opposite direction that your hair grows. – I don’t wanna do it anymore. – Yeah it feels like
it’s like there forever but let’s try it. – It hurts, oh my god they lied. – I’m just getting up little
corner to see if it’s ready. Okay I think I got a good
little pull tab here. – This is some bull (beeps) no. Shut the (beeps) up. Oh my god. – I’m not nervous but I’m
pretty sure it’s gonna hurt. – [Woman In Black Shirt] All
these Instagrammers out here, talking about it doesn’t hurt. – I’m so scared right now. Oh boy, okay, just rip
it off like a bandaid. – One, two, three. Oh that wasn’t bad actually. Whoa, it’s like a porcupine. (exhales) (rips) Wow, that didn’t hurt at all. Whoa. There’s no hair on my leg. – Almost, phew. Okay, we made it. – This is actually amazing. There’s like little like you can see the plug of the hair that’s really cool. – It looks like it took
off my tan a little bit. – Ain’t shit about this painless. – That worked better than
anything I’ve ever tried. – I’m gonna try a little strip on my arm to give it a fair shot. – Can I do my whole body? Right now. – I immediately regret this. (shouts) It looks like a fruit roll up. (rock music) (cries out) – I don’t know why I’m so
scared it didn’t hurt before. Alright. (rips) (shouts) Okay. – It’s just like a little
pinch and then it’s over. – Alright don’t think about it. I need a shot. (exhales) Okay. One, two, three. Oh it wasn’t that bad. (laughs) It wasn’t that bad. Maybe I should have just been
ripping it all of them off. It wasn’t that bad. – That actually really
did not hurt at all. It was like, it felt like
a piece of Scotch tape was on my leg and I ripped it off. – It worked, I have
little red bumps though, I wonder what that’s gonna be. (laughs) – It’s all about the
rip, you gotta rip guys. You gotta rip. – I could do this on my whole
leg and I probably would still be fine afterwards,
like it doesn’t hurt. – This seems like this would
take an hour of your life that’s like, that’s where I’m out I think, I just don’t have the time you guys. – It’s not painless, but it’s a little bit of pain. – I get my eyebrows
threaded and that is like I would say 10 times more
painful than this was. – I seen it all over
Instagram and Facebook, people sharing it like,
look at this new thing that’s painless and I’m like, yeah right, there’s no way but like I’m
honestly really surprised that this actually worked and didn’t hurt and like it’s like too good to be true. (laughs) (soft music)

100 thoughts on “Women Try Pain-Free Waxing

  1. Tip from a swimmer who waxes:
    When you wax with these things, make sure the mixture is a consistency of honey: quite thick, you get a lot on one stick in one swipe of the stick in the wax. When applying, apply with the direction of the hairs. The moment the area becomes solid ENOUGH that you can touch the surface, that's when you rip. Don't wait for it to harden; that's a mistake.

  2. Blonde lady: "Oh it didn't hurt!"

    black haired lady: "oh……that's not that bad!!!"

    black lady: " OH MY GOD IT HURTS SO FU#&ING BAD!!!! "

  3. Okay but to the girl who was super extra about it… if you rip it off slowly it’s obvious gonna hurt more bc you are slowly plucking the hair out

  4. I remember I didn’t have any hair on my legs, then my friends told me to shave it, even though my Mum warned me, I shaved it and now I got hair.

  5. that girl was ripping it off so slowly first of all it’s gunna hurt if you do that and second of all who rips off wax like that?? lol

  6. obviously that black girl is just a wimp then because nobody else thought it hurt I mean her leg hert but her arm did not

  7. 2:54 she has no pain tolerance
    It doesn't even hurt so bad
    If you wanna be pretty you have to do some painful things…
    Pretty is not always cheap…

  8. “Oh My gAwD tHeY lIeD iT huRts!”

    One minute later

    “YoU gUys HavE tO rIp It”

    Yeah, thanks for pointing out the obvious😂🙄

  9. People would liek tease me becasue of how much arm hair i got from my moms genes and its especally this one girl and shes got some hair

  10. It actually would not take a long time bc with hard wax you can do large sections as once because you can pull it all off like that! 🖤

  11. Two things, One, how the Frick does someone "accidentally" microwave their Barbie and Two how does she know what it smells like??????

  12. The one is pain sounds so freaking annoying. No wonder it hurt, cause you applied it wrong, let it stay on too long, didn't make a pulling lip, and are pulling it wrong. I hate it when people do no research before doing something and them blame others for their incompetence.

  13. The only girl that it hurt was the only girl doing it slow so I think that if she did it fast she would be fine

  14. She took it off the wrong direction. I wax my vagina with this and still am not as dramatic as her🙄🙄🙄🙄

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