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Yoga For Cold and Dry Cough  (medicinal yoga for flu)

hey guys welcome to jivayogalive my name
is Claire today sequence is about yoga poses for cold and cost so grab your mat
and join me now okay guys we are going to start on our mats today on our feet
if you’re not here meet me here as we move into yoga poses for cold and cough
so we want to open up the chest increase blood circulation all around and get a
little more oxygen and blood flow to our brain our chest area to kind of open up
clear those passages so starting in Tadasana pose here our feet will be
parallel with one another we’ll ground down through all four corners of our
feet open up our chest here close your eyes and just take a minute to ground
into your standing practice so activate your thighs by lifting up through your
kneecaps draw your lower belly in and drop your tailbone down gently pull your
chin back towards the center line of the body to lengthen the back of the neck
and relax your shoulders little breath in and a grounding breath out stay exactly where you are we’re going
to increase our hands up towards the sky so reaching up I’m gonna turn to the
side just so you can see keeping our feet hips width distance apart breathing
in to lengthen through the side bodies and then start to reach your hands
forward as we come into a forward bend we want to continue to lengthen our
spine and this is going to actually help us bend a little bit deeper so reaching
reaching reaching and then grounding our hands down towards the mat release your
head and your neck and any tension you’re holding onto just allow yourself
to drip down towards the mat reach your hands by your lower spine and interlace
all ten fingers start to bend your knees slightly and then reach your hands up
and over towards the front of your mat so forward bend chest opener here we’re
finding that compression as we fold reducing stress and anxiety and the mind
here increasing circulation and blood flow to the head and the nose the chest
releasing that cough and cold that we might feel coming on or dealing with
right now just allowing the crown of your head to drip down with every exhale
a little bit more continuing to reach opening up the collar bone and the chest
breathe in and bring it out we’re leasing your hands down to the mat here
start to walk your hands towards the front of the mat here grounding down
through all ten fingers and the heels of the palm stretch your feet back send
your hips up and downward facing dog melt your heels down towards the ground
really press into the palms of the heels to send your hips up lengthening through
the shoulders side bodies in the armpit area create space between your ears and
your shoulders by bringing the eyes the elbow closer towards the sky breathe in
and breathe out shifting your weight forward coming into
a high plank position stack your shoulders over your wrists
your hips up and your heels up high keep your gaze down nice and strong and then
gently bend your knees flip onto the tops of the toes and then bend your
elbows at a 90 degree angle coming down all the way to our surround we don’t
have anything that you need and then bring your forearms to the mat
moving into Sphinx pose here we’re going to open up the chest so you want your
shoulders and your elbows in line the palms facing down and the tops of toes
in towards the ground you really want to press into the
forearms to create space between the ears and the shoulders you want to
gently pull your elbows energetically back towards your heels here so you’re
stretching your chest forward press into the tops of the toes you can take your
gaze forward lengthening the back of your neck continue to press in open up
your chest your heart full breaths in full exhales out so we’re opening and
stretching the chest here creating more space in the lungs and the respiratory
system to remove any cough or cold that we feel coming on one more breath here
inhale and exhale gently lowering back onto your belly here press your hands
underneath your shoulders and your elbows bend your knees and come on over
onto your bottom as we flip on over it down to the mat so flipping on over on
to our bottom here we are going to send our legs out long in front of us we’re
going to remove any flesh underneath our sitting bones here so our spine is nice
and tall we’re reaching our hands up towards the
sky really lengthening through the side bodies and then continue to reach as you
reach your hands stretching your spine stretching stretching stretching and
then releasing your hands to the ground your legs or your feet wherever is
comfortable so compression here we’re folding reducing
stress anxiety flex your toes towards your face nice big breath in and full
exhales out surrender down inhale and exhale one more big breath in lengthen that
spine exhale fold deeper release your hands and drag your fingertips back
towards the center line of your body as you slowly unwind your spine allowing
your head and that being the last thing to come up press into your palms and
move your hips towards the center of the mat here as we slowly lower down onto
the ground hands come out by your sides and then gently lower all the way down
vertebra by vertebra your head in your neck are laughs with your hands walk
your feet back towards your glutes here your legs will be parallel with one
another the shape of eleven pull your lower belly down to connect the sacrum
in the spine to the map here finding that connection exhale out your air
press into your heels and lift your hips up inhaling into bridge pose
start to walk your shoulder blades underneath one another and interlace
your hands underneath your lower spine connecting to the mat finding this chest
open air compressing compressing the throat just slightly here as your chin
naturally talks sending your hips up really press into the heels just lift
your hips up a little bit higher so we want to open up that chest here open up
the lungs remove any cough that we feel in our body breathing and deeply
exhaling completely one more breath here inhale then release
your hands exhaling as you gently unwind your spine and very slowly and
consciously back towards the mat bring your knees in towards your chest here
wrap your arms around your legs and just give yourself a little love after that
posture staying nice and calm with the breath and the body maybe rocking side
to side massaging your lower spine I’m in releasing your hands down by your
sides here bend your knees and roll over onto one side as we come back up to
sitting press it into your palm and make your
way back up on to sitting so we are going to move into headstand if this is
not any practice you can work on dolphin by pressing into your forearms or
downward facing dog but to move it into headstand we are going to come over onto
our hands and knees and the way we’re going to get into it is finding the
interlacing of the hands here to find where you want your elbows to be you
grab for your hand to elbow like this so similar to dolphin pose and that
distance you’ll put your elbows on the ground grabbing for your hands just like
this grabbing for the crease of your elbows and then keeping your elbows
exactly where they are take just your hands to create that triangle shape so
you’re creating a three angle shape and you interlace your hands here from there
you’re going to lift the top of your head on towards the ground so we don’t
want it to be the front of our head or way too back we want to really be the
crown of our head so you’ll gently find that’ll be a slightly different for
everyone just play around with it so coming into the mat here finding that
stance interlacing the hands and then lifting your hips up I’ve been finding
the crown of the head on towards the ground you can always stay here focusing
on finding that come crushin so we want to send fresh oxygen
and blood flow into the head and that circulation to remove any cough and
coals that we feel coming on so we really want to increase the blood
circulation here moving on we were going to come on to our toes lifting our hips
up another great place to start if this is comfortable stay here really press
into the forearms and the shoulders and start to walk your toes closer towards
your face once your hips are over closer towards your head you can start to bend
one knee than the other keeping your hips over your head here let’s start to
straighten your knees straighten your legs coming into a headstand still
pressing into the forearms here so not all the weight is on your head pick one
point to focus on breathe in and bring it out we come out the same way we came
in so bending your knees here slowly slowly coming back on down and pulling
your knees in towards your chest dropping one foot down then the other
taking your knees out wide or in slightly releasing your hands down by
your sides and bring your forehead to the mat for bilasa not make that
forehead connection just come back to your breath
fully surrender let your whole body rest on the mat here just find that
connection as you come back to balance with your body then coming up slowly unwind your spine
vertebra by vertebra flip over onto your bottom
these were yoga poses to help with the cold and the cough increasing that blood
circulation into our chest our head and our body to relieve any stress and
anxiety calm the body calm the mind beautiful job today guys namaste thank
you for joining us here at evil yoga life if you enjoyed today’s video hit
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