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Yoga For Low Back Pain, Stiffness And Tiredness | FAST LOWER BACK PAIN & SCIATICA RELIEF

By the end of this video you are going to
feel so good. I’m here to help get your endorphins pumping,
so you can say goodbye forever to tiredness, low energy and that general blah feeling. Hi, I’m Andrea Robertson and I’m here to help
make the world healthier and happier in a very big way. I have taught over 14,000 clients in my studio
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and workouts that I’ll be posting every single month. Today I’m going to teach you a yoga class. You have to finish this video right to the
end. It’s a great class, and I know because I’ve
just done it. You are going to feel beautifully stretched
and lengthened by the end of this class. So let’s get into the workout, and get you
starting to feel good in your body again. Hi, Sunni and I are here for a weeks holiday
at my parents beautiful property in country Victoria. So, due to many requests, I’ve decided to
film a yoga class for low back pain. This class is not for you if you have been
diagnosed with something called a lumbar disc injury or bulge, and it’s also not for you
if you’ve got a spondylolithesis, also known as a spondy. So this class is just for if you have a stiff
low back, feels a bit tight, but it’s not really causing you a huge amount of pain. If you do have something that is causing a
lot of pain, then I advise you go see someone like me who’s an Osteopath, or another manual
therapist to get a diagnosis before you do this class. But if you’ve just got that general kind of
stiff low back pain like I seem to get a lot, then this class is perfect. So you might see some chickens, or guinea
fowl, or even dogs running around today. I don’t know who’s going to come and interrupt
my class, we’ll see what happens. Alright, lets get into it.

2 thoughts on “Yoga For Low Back Pain, Stiffness And Tiredness | FAST LOWER BACK PAIN & SCIATICA RELIEF

  1. Thanks so much for watching and joining me today. Have you enjoyed this Yoga for Low Back Pain, Stiffness and Tiredness? If yes, let me know, and let me know any other workout videos or nutrition tops you'd like me to make more videos on, x

  2. I need to try this. My back only hurts in the mornings, so I need to make it part of my morning routine. Or would it be better to do it before bed to prevent the morning stiffness?

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